You Can Never Come Home

There’s a terrifying wisdom to the idea forwarded by the Hero’s Journey that you can never come home. Once you leave the place you are from for a long time, for a journey, or to grow up, there’s no going back. The place you left will change. Your travels will change you. And when you return, both you and that place will be different. While I wouldn’t say that I am on some kind of mythical quest, in my own return I am finding a sadness, confusion, and probably more than anything a feeling of losing a sense of myself, while also gaining some insight and what may become some really good writing material.

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In LA, Five Days, TEN POUNDS!

I flew into LA a few days ago so that I could make it to the Phil-Am Expo. The event wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I did manage to sell out all the books I brought. Hoping to wrangle some traction here and get Pinoys to buy digital versions. It’s tough, since the people there weren’t really very interested in culture that much, but hey I’m pretty sure there’s a way. Managed to chat someone up in a Barnes & Noble and convince them to buy a copy of And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth, so there’s that.

In a few days I’m headed upstate to San Francisco, to fulfill my main objective here, which is to make an appearance at the FilBookFest and get people to buy UP Press books, and hopefully to make some good contacts and move towards establishing international distribution channels (or at least international marketing and promotions channels). Again, I’m being really optimistic about this, I do hope that I manage to conjure up some attention for the UP Press. So readers, if you’re in San Francisco, please drop by, pick up some of the great UP titles.

On a personal note, I’ve not been doing much here but buying stuff that I can’t get in the Philippines (oh, hello Nook Color, and a Batman hoodie with ears. Ears!) and eating. My family has been showing me around, taking me places because I told them that I had started cooking and was really interested in the food here. I had loaded up a list of fine dining places I’d read about. Haven’t hit those, but rather going the local route and eating at the places that people here generally love to eat.

I have to say, the portions man, the portions. One serving here is probably the equivalent of three servings in the Philippines. It’s crazy. There’s just so much food that gets put on the table. It’s no good comparing and converting, but just consider that what shows up on one Denny’s Plate would probably be enough to feed a family. Best example, I went to a Jack in the Box with my bro for lunch. They asked if I wanted small, medium, or large fries and drink. I was going to say large, because that’s what I usually get at McDonald’s or BK in the Philippines. My bro says, get the small. I have my doubts but I do it anyway. And the small here is pretty much giant-sized in comparison.

I haven’t hit that many points of interest. Saw the Jollibee that was in the background of that first season Glee episode. And walked around Downtown LA, saw the convention center, Staples, and the Nokia theater. Have to say, Downtown LA is a beautiful place. Also hit up Pasadena, but was with my mom and grandma, so couldn’t really do much except eat. I want to go somewhere and just chill, but LA being a driving city, it’s hard to coordinate schedules and the like. I only got a phone yesterday and am conserving the load so it’ll last til I leave.

Worrying though is my sudden weight gain. In only five days I’ve put on ten pounds. TEN POUNDS! How long does it take to lose ten pounds? Man, I was overweight already, but I gotta start watching myself or I’ll suddenly go Supersize.

Alright, signing off now. Heading to Frank & Son which is a collectibles fair, tomorrow, for some geeky stuff. yeah!