I think I’m getting how to sell books (after the SanFo FilBookFest)

I did two kinds of selling this weekend at the FilBookFest. And both were pretty exciting, especially doing them in a totally different place (which was just wow, man, I mean San Francisco is such a beautiful city and I enjoyed wandering it the few hours I could get away from the sales booth). Thanks to the Literacy Initiatives International Foundation, the Asia Foundation, the Book Development Association, the good people in San Francisco, the people who put the event together (and put up with my incessant queries) like Gemma Nemenzo and Lirio Sandoval, and UP for helping to partially fund the trip. Also to my relatives, cousin Vinah who coordinated my SanFo trip, Ryan who scored a samurai sword on a walking trip, and their parents Tita Crys and Tito Jun, who were my very cool and fun companions from LA to SanFo and back. Right now to talk about that selling. Read more of this post

In LA, Five Days, TEN POUNDS!

I flew into LA a few days ago so that I could make it to the Phil-Am Expo. The event wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I did manage to sell out all the books I brought. Hoping to wrangle some traction here and get Pinoys to buy digital versions. It’s tough, since the people there weren’t really very interested in culture that much, but hey I’m pretty sure there’s a way. Managed to chat someone up in a Barnes & Noble and convince them to buy a copy of And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth, so there’s that.

In a few days I’m headed upstate to San Francisco, to fulfill my main objective here, which is to make an appearance at the FilBookFest and get people to buy UP Press books, and hopefully to make some good contacts and move towards establishing international distribution channels (or at least international marketing and promotions channels). Again, I’m being really optimistic about this, I do hope that I manage to conjure up some attention for the UP Press. So readers, if you’re in San Francisco, please drop by, pick up some of the great UP titles.

On a personal note, I’ve not been doing much here but buying stuff that I can’t get in the Philippines (oh, hello Nook Color, and a Batman hoodie with ears. Ears!) and eating. My family has been showing me around, taking me places because I told them that I had started cooking and was really interested in the food here. I had loaded up a list of fine dining places I’d read about. Haven’t hit those, but rather going the local route and eating at the places that people here generally love to eat.

I have to say, the portions man, the portions. One serving here is probably the equivalent of three servings in the Philippines. It’s crazy. There’s just so much food that gets put on the table. It’s no good comparing and converting, but just consider that what shows up on one Denny’s Plate would probably be enough to feed a family. Best example, I went to a Jack in the Box with my bro for lunch. They asked if I wanted small, medium, or large fries and drink. I was going to say large, because that’s what I usually get at McDonald’s or BK in the Philippines. My bro says, get the small. I have my doubts but I do it anyway. And the small here is pretty much giant-sized in comparison.

I haven’t hit that many points of interest. Saw the Jollibee that was in the background of that first season Glee episode. And walked around Downtown LA, saw the convention center, Staples, and the Nokia theater. Have to say, Downtown LA is a beautiful place. Also hit up Pasadena, but was with my mom and grandma, so couldn’t really do much except eat. I want to go somewhere and just chill, but LA being a driving city, it’s hard to coordinate schedules and the like. I only got a phone yesterday and am conserving the load so it’ll last til I leave.

Worrying though is my sudden weight gain. In only five days I’ve put on ten pounds. TEN POUNDS! How long does it take to lose ten pounds? Man, I was overweight already, but I gotta start watching myself or I’ll suddenly go Supersize.

Alright, signing off now. Heading to Frank & Son which is a collectibles fair, tomorrow, for some geeky stuff. yeah!

Geek Tragedies! Pick your format

It’s hard not to get excited about this latest book. Everyone who published, even just an article in a magazine or a paper, and hey, even sometimes just a blog entry, gets a kick out of the chance of being read. Me, not only do I get an opportunity to be read, but this is a chance for people who didn’t get to read my stories when they came out in publications or anthologies to read them as a collection. Adding to that excitement is that the book is out not only in print, but also in digital. I know I’ve been harping on that fact for some time, but it’s something that I was pushing for, and I got it. In a time when my professional career isn’t at its best point, it’s something like this that pulls me up and says, hey you aren’t doing too bad, man.

So there’s the book in two formats, which I have here at home. You can get the digital version on Amazon and the print version from UP Press, at their bookstore now, or at National in a couple of weeks.

It’s really something to see the two versions side by side. The iPad version is also really fun, the whole thing being formatted in comic fonts, fully-colored and preserving the artwork and coloring by the very awesome Josel Nicolas and Adam David. Adam talks about the design of the book here and here, and I talk about it here. I think that there are so few people reading now anyway that we should provide them with the easiest way to purchase the books, and in the format that they prefer. And I think that this is a step towards that. I also hope that this will prove that digital and print don’t have to compete with each other, but can be used to promote each other.

Oh and shirts! There are pics of us with the shirts (some models more attractive than others as Kash Avena and Chingbee Cruz sport the shirts along with Josel, Adam, and me) in Adam’s facebook album here. These are pics from the launch day, when we picked up the shirts, hung out, went to the launch, and hung out some more.

Anyways, I’m really happy to have this book out and I’m hoping that you guys can all help to promote it. Please repost, blot, review, whatever. Help me get the word out, let’s get those people all over the world with Amazon accounts interested, and let’s also get our friends to go to the bookstore and give the book a try. It’s a collection that tries to reach out to a more  popular audience, and I do think that it can get a lot of people reading and having fun while reading.

Geek Tragedies now in Print and Digital!

Today’s the launch of Geek Tragedies (you can click here for details) and according to Flipside head honcho Anthony de Luna I am indeed the first Filipino author to do simultaneous print and digital releases. I don’t believe that the two have to compete, and I believe that they have distinctly different markets. So publishers who penalize e-book readers by delaying releases have it wrong, I think. And this wonderful collaboration between author and publishers (UP Press and Flipside) will bode well for readers the world over. I hope that this launch and the way I’m doing it will serve as a spearhead to getting more of our books out there in the world, into the hands of more readers. Thanks too to Jenny Ortuoste for the lengthy mention in her column in the Manila Standard Today, and her general support of various modes of publishing for the sake of readers. Also, following the merchandising push of The Kobayashi Maru of Love, we’re coming out with shirts! Read more of this post

UP Press Launch July 1! featuring, among other books, Geek Tragedies!

Hello Friends! Hope to see you on Friday for the UP Press Launch, where they will be launching 9 new titles, including Geek Tragedies. It’s 5pm at the GT Toyota Hall of Wisdom, Magsaysay cor. Katipunan, Asian Center, UP Diliman. Friday’s launch also coincides with the book’s digital launch published by Flipside, so it’ll be available in Amazon for DL. (Question: Am I the first local writer to do simultaneous digital and print launches? It’d be pretty cool if I were) I’m very excited for the launch, not only because I’m excited for my own book but also because I am in some pretty rarefied company. To see the complete list of books please check out the UP Press site.

And yesterday I got a mention in Prof. Butch Dalisay’s column in the Philippine Star. Thanks Sir Butch for taking the time to mention me and help promote my books. And thanks to everyone else who has bought, downloaded, or reserved copies. Please do rate them and post reviews on Amazon, goodreads, and wherever else you’re posting stuff. Thanks again and hope to see you all.

Geek Tragedies Sampler Available for Free Download!

As I try and build up to the launch of Geek Tragedies on July 1, I want to give people  a chance to see some of it, read some of it. Included in this sampler are the Intro by Adam David, some art by Adam and Josel, the short story Everybody Gets Off at Cubao, and a six word story. Please check it out, pass it around, tell your friends. If you like it, you can get it in print from the UP Press and in digital formats by Flipside on Amazon and soon the iBookstore. Spread the word, true believers! Check the link to my Scribd feed for other stuff too!

Geek Tragedies Available on Amazon!

Geek Tragedies by Carljoe Javier

Geek Tragedies will be officially launched on July 1! The launch of the print version will be held at the UP Press MegaLaunch at 5pm in the GT-Toyota Hall of Wisdom at the Asian Center. But if you want a digital version (care of Flipside Digital), you can pre-order it from Amazon! The full version will download to your Kindle or other reading device July 1, but you can start reading the book now. If you download it, please also rate it on Amazon to help other readers find the book. iPad version’s to follow.

I’m very excited about Geek Tragedies, as I think it’s a really fun book with a good variety of stories. It’s also the first Filipino book, as far as I know, that will have simultaneous print and digital launches. Please check it out in whatever format you like, and pass the word around, repost, etc etc. thanks everybody for helping out.