Geek Tragedies Sampler Available for Free Download!

As I try and build up to the launch of Geek Tragedies on July 1, I want to give people  a chance to see some of it, read some of it. Included in this sampler are the Intro by Adam David, some art by Adam and Josel, the short story Everybody Gets Off at Cubao, and a six word story. Please check it out, pass it around, tell your friends. If you like it, you can get it in print from the UP Press and in digital formats by Flipside on Amazon and soon the iBookstore. Spread the word, true believers! Check the link to my Scribd feed for other stuff too!

The Hundreds! 100 word love stories Deadline Extended!

There’s always room for a little more love in the world. In the last few months we’ve been collecting stories of a hundred words, or stories told in strokes, pixels, panels, and any other way you can express this four-letter phenomenon on the printed page. We’re giving love to people who just heard about this project or who are still finishing their submissions. Send us back that love in story form.

Submit works as RTFs or JPGs both in Filipino or in English to, subject heading “I LOVE YOU” on or before June 15, 2011 –for Love.

Reactions to Disconnection Notice

Disconnection Notice, an art exhibit at LARK gallery in New Manila, opened on the 7th, and it’s there that I continued my birthday celebrating post-launch with the Lacuestas, Sarge and Mookie, and other guests at the exhibit. Disconnection Notice takes the works Sarge and Mookie, Luis Katigbak, Carlomar Daoana, Larry Ypil, and, uh, me, and then interprets them into installation art. Read more of this post

Disconnection Notice: Exhibit Opening

Hey all, after getting wasted on the eve of my birthday, I invite you all to go to this exhibit opening, organized by Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta