Starting #SuperBetter

The past semester, as I’ve written before, has been taxing in so many ways. And my body giving out, with the culmination of it being my sister rushing me to the ER, have forced me to slow things down, take a step back, and think things over. In making such an assessment, it’s pretty clear that I haven’t been handling things very well, and among the wrong things I did was to go off my original diet and just go back to boozing and smoking and generally not taking care of myself as a not-very-smart way to handle all the stress.

So sitting in bed all day, recovering from yesterday’s breakdown (for those who really want the details, it’s not asthma or other lung complications, it was just the phlegm building up in my lungs and hardening so that they stayed there, a nice combination of stress, pollution, smoking, psychosomatic factors all leading to it) I found myself reading Jane McGonigal’s Reality is Broken (which is a fantastic, insightful book that has gotten my heart racing and has been a risky proposition as I should be keeping that in check, but it has been worth it) and reading about her project, Super Better. Super Better takes real world goals and applies game-based ways of thinking to make them more fun and productive. We feel fulfilled and excited with those goals. And so I’ve started a weight loss program with Super Better, which hopefully leads to generally better health.

What I like about Super Better is that it also addresses one’s worldview, reshaping it and making things a little more optimistic. Its developer, McGonigal, is also an introvert, so I’m happy that it incorporates those kinds of considerations. Anyways, here we go on this fun adventure.

Kindle fire and the issue of apps in the Philippines

I am writing this post with my kindle fire using the wordpress app that took quite some work to install. I will be writing a full review soon, in the meantime some notes.

I tried getting apps via the amazon app store. Worst thing for us out here in the third world, the app store does not work in our region. This is precisely the problem with us trying to access content in the supposedly while we say that digital bridges so many divides, content issues still exist. We are restricted from buying certain kinds of content if not locked out altogether.

I did manage to get apps onto the kindle by installing a file manager and the apps downloaded from 4shared. But the point is that we shouldn’t have to do that, and the target market of the fire, which isn’t the tech savvy crowd, will.probably have problems.

I do hope that amazon gives us access to the store soon (though content like music still hasn’t been made available in our region). In the meantime it is important for pinoys to know that while the kindle fire is a wonderful device, you won’t be able to maximize its potential at this point.

The Adventures of Tintin (Review)

Every year brings about new developments in moviemaking technology, and so it’s almost a given that we will be astounded with some kind of visual effects extravaganza. Last year gave us Avatar, which was really Pocahontas with blue aliens. It was brilliant in action and its use of 3-D, but rather lackluster when it came to story.

Lackluster story is not something you would ever accuse The Adventures of Tintin books having. Nor this year’s film adaptation, which is surely this holiday season’s technological breakthrough. A visual feast that is powered by a compelling story and lovable characters, Tintin strings together memorable action set pieces that will be entertaining many generations of young viewers, just as the comics have done for decades.  Read more of this post

Geek Tragedies now in Print and Digital!

Today’s the launch of Geek Tragedies (you can click here for details) and according to Flipside head honcho Anthony de Luna I am indeed the first Filipino author to do simultaneous print and digital releases. I don’t believe that the two have to compete, and I believe that they have distinctly different markets. So publishers who penalize e-book readers by delaying releases have it wrong, I think. And this wonderful collaboration between author and publishers (UP Press and Flipside) will bode well for readers the world over. I hope that this launch and the way I’m doing it will serve as a spearhead to getting more of our books out there in the world, into the hands of more readers. Thanks too to Jenny Ortuoste for the lengthy mention in her column in the Manila Standard Today, and her general support of various modes of publishing for the sake of readers. Also, following the merchandising push of The Kobayashi Maru of Love, we’re coming out with shirts! Read more of this post

Geek Tragedies Available on Amazon!

Geek Tragedies by Carljoe Javier

Geek Tragedies will be officially launched on July 1! The launch of the print version will be held at the UP Press MegaLaunch at 5pm in the GT-Toyota Hall of Wisdom at the Asian Center. But if you want a digital version (care of Flipside Digital), you can pre-order it from Amazon! The full version will download to your Kindle or other reading device July 1, but you can start reading the book now. If you download it, please also rate it on Amazon to help other readers find the book. iPad version’s to follow.

I’m very excited about Geek Tragedies, as I think it’s a really fun book with a good variety of stories. It’s also the first Filipino book, as far as I know, that will have simultaneous print and digital launches. Please check it out in whatever format you like, and pass the word around, repost, etc etc. thanks everybody for helping out.

And now in digital formats!!!

the digital cover for And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

Just uploaded to the Amazon and Apple servers and should be available for download in a few hours is the digital version of my first book And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth! Read more of this post

Telcos Angst

Been frustrated with my ultra-wonky sun broadband connection. it’ll connect then drop to 0, and seriously sun cellular, i’ve done my part as a consumer, paying my bill, you should deliver or give me a discount or something when you can’t deliver. You charge for a month of unlimited service and then you don’t give it, and it’s this terribly low and measly bandwidth, nowhere near your published rates (which of course have those little disclaimers about inconsistent service so that I can’t legally sue you for not delivering). Think about it, it’s like buying a pizza and the resto giving you a pizza with two slices missing because other people were ordering pizza too and they only have limited supply. anyways, here’s the letter I sent to the company, in the hopes that they would address the concern. Friends who used to use Sun’s broadband told me I should just quit, like they did, and get another provider, but I’m going to ride out this month I paid for and see if things improve:

Your internet for my broadband stick has been performing terribly today. i haven’t been able to do work or to work efficiently due to this inconsistent service. as a person who relies on the internet for his work, I found your service at present not much of a service but more a hindrance to productivity as i have to disconnect and reconnect over and over, breaking my work flow. If service does not improve in the next few days I am terminating my account, since I’ve already put up with this bad service for the requisite three month period. I do hope that your company can do the smart thing, do good business, and improve your services so that you provide the customers with the service that they are paying for. If you ask customers for money, promise them a service, and don’t provide it, what differentiates you from a scam? fine fine, you put in your ads UP TO XXXXXX mbps. but then you provide nowhere near that, and you block off certain things. it’s just not honest. it’s not lying, but it’s not honest either. I hope that things can change, that my concern will be addressed, that I get a reply, and that your service becomes the best that you can possibly deliver, that you aim for and provide customer satisfaction. I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you