Francis Quina on Morning Glories

This was the second recorded episode, but with special events and the like the publishing was delayed. Nonetheless, it’s my pleasure to have writer, comic book aficionado, and my roommate at the UP Faculty Center, Francis Quina, talking about Morning Glories.

Definitely one of the most compelling ongoing series at present, Morning Glories tells the story of a mysterious school, where powers, the supernatural, and science fiction all collide. It’s a comic book that takes your breath away with its breakneck speed, plot twists, and jaw-dropping revelations. Francis and I pick it apart, trying to understand what makes it work so well, and talk about why we enjoy the comic book so much.

You can check out the podcast here.

If you’re interested in the book, here’s the official site.

And if you want to go pick it up in digital, you can find it on comixology here.

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Next week, Vincenz Serrano talks about New Order!

Gerry Alanguilan and Eliza Victoria at the 3rd Readercon

The 3rd Filipino ReadeCon was held this Saturday, Dec. 7, at the Rizal Library in Ateneo. It was a great even celebrating readers and reading. I was fortunate enough to moderate one of the Writers as Readers panels.

Comics creator Gerry Alanguilan and writer Eliza Victoria talked about the books that they love. Afterwards the audience and I got to ask them some questions.

Give it a listen if you’re looking for reading recommendations, as these are in abundance through the talk. You’ll hear some great essential comics titles and a lot of horror novels and page turners.

You can listen to the podcast here.

You can visit Gerry Alanguilan’s blog here.

You can visit Eliza Victoria’s blog here.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode with Gabriela Lee: The Lumpen Culturati Podcast

In this week’s podcast we invite Prof. Gabriela Lee to geek out about Doctor Who. I know it says this episode is supposed to be about the 50th anniversary episode, but we go in all kinds of directions here. It’s a double length special because we were talking about so much Doctor lovin’ timey-wimey stuff.

We invite comments (please don’t kill me for all my flubs and lapses in Doctor mythos) and suggestions and also if you want to tell your friends and help promote please do so.

Not too much to put on this companion post since the discussion is pretty long. But we promise that we’ll also talk about the Five-ish Doctors soon too.

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