The Lumpen Culturati Podcast! Episode 1!

Starting from this post, the Lumpen Culturati blog transforms from the spot for the stuff I couldn’t have published in other places (and a sadly ignored blog for the last few months) into the companion blog for the new Lumpen Culturati podcast.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts, and I love them all. But they have mostly been review podcasts and I am hoping to fill a niche by discussing work on a more analytical (one hopes) level. I am hoping to bring forward smart conversation about cultural content in all its various forms.

I’ve also been part of a few attempts at podcasting, as well as some radio work. What I’ve found is that logistics and getting people together (and my own problematic schedule) have made it difficult for me to maintain those things. Now, I’ve got a nifty podcast app and I will be tracking down one or two guests for each episode.

The episodes will have me interviewing someone about a specific text (or set of texts in the case of comic book series). We want to turn people onto stuff that they might not be into yet, we want to show love for things that we love, and we want to talk about them in a deeper manner that encourages further discourse.

For the first episode I talk to Prof. Mikey Atienza about “Sink” by Isabel Yap. In discussing the story we question aspects of Filipino science fiction, look at a story set in the future that gives us  a  glimpse at the Greenhills we once knew, and question our humanity as we look at a little robot kid.

You can listen to the episode on soundcloud here.

If you’re interested in the story, you can get The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction in print from the UP Press here.

If you want it in digital, it’s available at Flipreads here, or Amazon here. Or if you’re using other storefronts, I’m sure they will be available there too.

I hope you enjoy this first discussion, please listen and tell your friends.  Thanks everybody!