Hey there, been awhile

hello blog and readers,


It’s been awhile. I know. Full disclosure, I had to work on the novel. And so I had to take a break from the blog. But now, I am going to try and get back on this. The last four months of the year were insane, with me writing the paper for Oxford, taking the UK trip, then rushing to finish the novel, and now holidays and stuff. But expect a few posts in the coming days.

First off, I will be part of a writer chain letter thing. I’ve written the responses, and that’ll go up on the 19th.

Then I want to make a post about my favorite music of the year.

Next, I am planning an assessment of sorts of 2012. Me, my writing, and other relevant things. But the long and short of it? Maybe I deserve a break in 2013. I’ll explain why. 

So yeah, this is me writing about how I will be writing. Promise, next time, more writing!


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