Upcoming Release: The Hundreds!

Hopefully in time for BLTX 2 on March 2 at Ilyong’s, The Hundreds will be released. The Hundreds is a collection of 100 pieces about love, by 100 creators, all of them limited to a word count of 100. The books is being released by the UP Writer’s Club, and it’s been co-edited by Adam David and me. We hope to come out in both digital and print formats. And we hope that the book generates some love, as well as inspires some more writing and some more love in the world.

When we first thought about this, which was at least a year ago (at the time working on the project also with Jaton Zulueta), I decided that I wanted to try my hand at the hundred word short story myself. And so, here’s my stab at it. I will tell you, thankfully, a lot of the stories that made it into the book are way better than my own attempt.


We’re at a friend’s wake, more than a decade since the exhilaration at sixteen of wrapping my arm around her shoulder, our hand-holding hidden beneath the spines of upturned textbooks, the reluctant fuzz of my upper lip tickling her nape. Like a wormhole this death has created a tear in space and time bringing us here to this pew where she struggles and fails to stay awake. I feel my heart expand when her head drops into my shoulder and I hold her as I think about mending the tear in space-time, of taking her hand and going back to the moment when I first held it.



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