Pintakasi! Showing from Dec 17-21 at Robinson’s Galleria

I started working on a film a few years ago. The idea was for it to be hip-hop themed, for it to be animated, and for it to be kind of different and edgy and have a lot of new elements. After having made my contributions to the project, I left it behind (really, as a story consultant and as part of the writing team, there’s only so much you can do) and waited for the movie. A lot of really smart and creative people have made their contributions to the movie since then. And now it’s here. I am very excited to see it. This will be the second movie I’ve worked on to be produced, the first being Khavn dela Cruz’s Maynila sa Mga Pangil ng Dilim. Here’s the trailer:

The movie will be part of the Metro Manila Filmfest, in the New Wave category. Here’s the screening schedule:

December 18 | GALA | 6pm Regular Screening
December 19 | 3pm
December 20 | 9pm
December 21 | 11:30am
Robinson’s Galleria CINEMA 3

And here are the film credits:

2011 December 17 to 21 | Robinson’s Galleria

Inihahandog ng Creative Media of the Philippines
Mula sa Direksyon ni Lee Meily
Official Entry for Metro Manila Film Festival: New Wave Section

Erich Gonzales
JM De Guzman
John Wayne Sace
Boots Anson-Roa
William Martines
Giselle Sanchez
Hazel Ann Mendoza
Alwyn Uytingco
Alchris Galura
Jeremiah Carandang
Winryll Banaag

with Special Participation of Ces Quesada

Production Designer: Buboy Tagayon
Music & Sound: JM Diego
Editor: Danny Anonuevo
Director of Photography: Lee Meily & Larry Manda
Writers: Judith Albano | JM Diego | Carljoe Javier
Line Producer: Vilma Morales Bacani
Animation Director: Nelson Caliguia
Executive Producer: Imee Marcos

Please come and check it out. Feel free to repost and share.


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