Kindle fire and the issue of apps in the Philippines

I am writing this post with my kindle fire using the wordpress app that took quite some work to install. I will be writing a full review soon, in the meantime some notes.

I tried getting apps via the amazon app store. Worst thing for us out here in the third world, the app store does not work in our region. This is precisely the problem with us trying to access content in the supposedly while we say that digital bridges so many divides, content issues still exist. We are restricted from buying certain kinds of content if not locked out altogether.

I did manage to get apps onto the kindle by installing a file manager and the apps downloaded from 4shared. But the point is that we shouldn’t have to do that, and the target market of the fire, which isn’t the tech savvy crowd, will.probably have problems.

I do hope that amazon gives us access to the store soon (though content like music still hasn’t been made available in our region). In the meantime it is important for pinoys to know that while the kindle fire is a wonderful device, you won’t be able to maximize its potential at this point.


25 Responses to Kindle fire and the issue of apps in the Philippines

  1. Danilo G. Simon says:

    Could u possibly help me, i got my kindle fire as a xmas gift from my sister, it suddenly went off and cant be started anymore, i tried to recharge it but didnt work either. What shall I do? The unit was bought in the U.S.

    • Carl Javier says:

      Oh that might be a lemon. Sorry to say this may be a worst case scenario. I honestly don’t know what to do. I would ship ot back and ask for a refund. They aren’t distributing to our region yet so I doubt if they have tech support for us. Before that though see if you can her it to show up in your computer. If it registers use the chance to try and restore factory settings, if it’s a software problem that should do the trick. If it is hardware though, you have no choice but to get it replaced

    • M Jencius says:

      I had the same thing happen to me two days after I got my Kindle Fire. I put it down for the night and woke up and it was completely unresponsive.

      Hold the start button in for 20 seconds. Release, and then tap it again and it should boot up. Good Luck.

  2. Hi Carl, I’m leesa of ebookna. I totally agree with you. I hope Amazon appstore will open it’s doors to international market very soon. I think you might be interested to see my Fire with Appstore access in the Philippines. Thanks!

    • Carl Javier says:

      thanks for reading and posting. yeah i’ve been figuring out how to put those apps. It’s a real problem when you have a number of devices (i have kindle and nook) and so you have to convert formats and such and can’t just read on multiple devices. good job getting those apps. but again, wish that we would just be allowed access by default, without having to do the workarounds.

    • Raymond says:

      Hi Leesa,

      Browsed your pics and Soma Store’s vids as well and it’s amazing how he was able to make the Google Marketplace and even Gameloft games to work on the Fire. Sent you a PM so hopefully you’ll be able to assist me – and share me all the apps as well! 😉

  3. Raymond says:

    Hi, can you guide me on how you installed the File browser on the Kindle Fire? I cant get it to install anything (even freaking free apps!) from the Amazon App Store… damn… 😦

    • Carl Javier says:

      Hi Raymond, happy to help (or hope this helps). First off you have to check your settings. Go to settings, then click More, and this should bring out the full setting menu. Inside that go to Device and then there’s a tab that says Allow Installation of Applications, turn that ON. Then you can download the file browser using the Silk Browswer. After it downloads, open and install (there will be prompts that ask if you want to install). Once that is installed, you can download installers (.apk files) and then access and install them through the file manager.

      • Raymond says:

        Wow that was fast, thanks very much! I actually bought this for my wife and of course I’m the techie hubby that has to research how to do this for her new Kindle Fire :). In any case, care to point me to the site where I can get the File Browser app you are referring to? Tried browsing the Google Marketplace but it turns out you can’t install directly from their site (and the Kindle Fire is not one of their supported devices).

      • Carl Javier says:

        hi Raymond. yeah you might want to try, they have some of the freeware in .apk format there, which you can install. Search through 4shared using the kindle fire and then download it straight onto the device. Kindle Fire at present can’t access the Google Marketplace, and it can’t get through to the Amazon app store either, so this is your option for the moment.

      • Vanessa Joy Tan says:

        Hi Carl,

        I just got mine today as a gift. Too bad I’m not tech savvy. So frustating to download apps. How do you download file browser from silk browser?

        Many thanks!

      • Carl Javier says:

        Hi Vanessa. Make sure your device has installing apps enabled, you can do that kn the settings menu. Then go to the site, you can google file managers with aneroid. Also you.can check through cnet. Download the app and then click install and you should be all set

      • Vanessa Joy Tan says:

        Thanks Carl! Will try 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi. I cant access any apps in the appstore. Im from Philippines. My kindle fire is useless for me if I cant access any of these free apps. What is the best thing I can do to be able to download all the free apps? Please help!

  5. dynashinky o. alegrabes says:

    hi im dynshinky from phil. i have kindlefire as my xmas gift from my friend. and i just waNna ask or can u help me how to download NURSERY RHYMES in it? i want to DL those for my baby.. i dont know how? HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME


    • Carl Javier says:

      hi dyna, not exactly sure what you mean by nursery rhymes, you can find some as text in the bookstore. but as for interactive ones, you’d have to get them as apps.

  6. marga says:

    where do i get apps on nursery rhymes?im sorry im new user of kindlefire…:)

    • Carl Javier says:

      the apps sold on the amazon app store aren’t available in our region yet, but you might be able to have someone buy them for you. Hopefully we will be able to have access to the store soon. there’s a workaround so you can buy off of the google marketplace, but if you aren’t too tech savvy i wouldn’t recommend it.

  7. lynette says:

    i have a kiddle fire.. it was bought in the Us and it has a facebook apps downloaded in the US, but when it was here in the philippines i would like to also download the IM and twitter it didnt work… it has a load of 13 dollas… can anyone help me with this similar problem
    is there a way where i can download the yahoo messenger and twitter.

  8. belinda arde says:

    i have a problem wed my kindle fire i chrage it 3 hours but may kidnle fire is not chargeng… plz help me

  9. StupidKindle says:

    this is BS. they dont have it in the yet in the philippines or in some countries. i feel like i wasted my money

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  11. Popi says:

    We bought a Kindle Fire from Amazon too. Used it for about 6 months but was tired with having no official Google app store support. I rooted it a month ago and I’m now running the Ice Cream Sandwich version of CyanogenMod. It has awesome specs for the price and I suggest to anyone who has a Kindle Fire outside the US to root it and install a custom ROM immediately. My Twitter handle is popisunga if you have any questions about the rooting process for the Kindle Fire.

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