Metroserye: Now Available (Updated)

While I was working at the UST Publishing House I got to be a part of a lot of books that really got me excited. The whole time I was there I was learning a lot and I was handling a lot of aspects of it. One of those things that I got to do was to try and initiate projects or find projects and try to get them published with USTPH. One of these projects is the really quirky, fun Metroserye.

Edited by Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta, Art by Manix Abrera, and design by Sam Macaisa, the series sets out to be a “roadmap of new Philippine writing” sort of. Well, that’s how it sounds to me anyway. It’s a series that covers multiple genres, first issue featuring poetry, the second will be fiction, and I don’t know who and what else Mookie’s got up her sleeves. 

It’s got a lot of exciting young writers doing their thing in this very different format, which is a fold-out designed just like maps. When we were working on this Sam and I actually had a map and we were figuring out how best to lay out the texts according to the folds. It was quite an interesting and challenging process, as this breaks away from how we traditionally design and read “literary works.”

It also marks the first ever release of the UST Pop line of books. I’m not sure how this is going to be followed, but while there I thought that while UST had textbooks and scholarly books, it might also want to come up with an imprint that would reach out to readers and be, well, more pop in its approach, appealing to readers looking for something fun and entertaining. And so here’s the first volley into that.

Honestly, I sat back and let the amazing Mookie, Manix, and Sam put this together, and they let the writers featured in this first collection, Lawrence Bernabe, Mark Cayanan, Marie La Vina, Joseph Saguid, and Eliza Victoria be the stars here, giving readers an opportunity to discover them in this new format. And another thing I like about the format, it’s cheap from what I know, it’s selling at retail for P80. Now how can you beat that right? Up and coming poets, great design, just for that much. It’s a good read, and I do hope that more people pick it up, and follow the upcoming issues.

Metroserye is currently available at the USTPH bookstore, Sputnik in Cubao X, and the Filipinas Heritage Library’s Libros Festival, running from November 24-26.


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