Gearing up for writing

Like a lot of people, I have little quirks in my writing process. Like a lot of people too, I suffer from a bad bit of procrastination. I will usually guilt myself into writing, but that hasn’t happened lately.

In any case, there are certain developments (which I will share in the future, don’t want to preempt anything) which has prodded me to get back to work on a novel I’ve been thinking about for a year, but have not been writing much of. I can wanting to get to it, and then, as is usual, other things pop up.

Right so, I’m writing a module for a subject, and I’ve got the novel hanging over my head. And I’ve got about half a month for both. Oh and I have my job. right. almost forgot about that. and that involves a fair amount of writing too. haha. such is the plight of the struggling aspiring wannabe writer.


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