The Struggle to Find the Right Cookbook

I received some gift checks for books recently (thank you Katz and AdMU HS!) and since the TBA pile of books, both digital and print, just keeps growing, I was thinking of getting something I could use, in particular a cookbook, instead of fiction or business stuff, which I usually get. And really, I don’t have any cookbooks, I just look stuff up on the net when I cook. Read more of this post

Oh Procrastination

I know one of the cardinal sins of writing is writing about writing. And yet here we are.

I’ve been trying to find a schedule for myself, one that would allow me to produce optimally. But as Dan Ariely observes in The Upside of Irrationality each and every one of us is guilty at least once in a while of procrastination. Lucky are the few who don’t do this too often. But among the people who I know who have creative pursuits, rare is the person who is always motivated to work. It doesn’t help that my motivation also gets sidetracked by console gaming and all the other stuff I could be doing.

Writing is hard. Killing bad dudes, scoring triple doubles, and saving entire galaxies are much, much easier. Which is why I have banned myself from playing PS3 until I hit my writing goal. I’m also starting to wake up at four or five in the morning (as per Francis Quina’s advice.

Thus far? I’ve got a chapter in and some paragraphs here and there. I don’t exactly know where the book is taking me yet, and I’m sure that a lot of people who write novels have a guide or map of sorts that they start with. But at this point, I’m just exploring. And sitting in front of the computer in the early hours of the morning, before the rest of the world wakes up, is getting some stuff done. Hoping it’s good stuff.

Gearing up for writing

Like a lot of people, I have little quirks in my writing process. Like a lot of people too, I suffer from a bad bit of procrastination. I will usually guilt myself into writing, but that hasn’t happened lately.

In any case, there are certain developments (which I will share in the future, don’t want to preempt anything) which has prodded me to get back to work on a novel I’ve been thinking about for a year, but have not been writing much of. I can wanting to get to it, and then, as is usual, other things pop up.

Right so, I’m writing a module for a subject, and I’ve got the novel hanging over my head. And I’ve got about half a month for both. Oh and I have my job. right. almost forgot about that. and that involves a fair amount of writing too. haha. such is the plight of the struggling aspiring wannabe writer.

I think I’m getting how to sell books (after the SanFo FilBookFest)

I did two kinds of selling this weekend at the FilBookFest. And both were pretty exciting, especially doing them in a totally different place (which was just wow, man, I mean San Francisco is such a beautiful city and I enjoyed wandering it the few hours I could get away from the sales booth). Thanks to the Literacy Initiatives International Foundation, the Asia Foundation, the Book Development Association, the good people in San Francisco, the people who put the event together (and put up with my incessant queries) like Gemma Nemenzo and Lirio Sandoval, and UP for helping to partially fund the trip. Also to my relatives, cousin Vinah who coordinated my SanFo trip, Ryan who scored a samurai sword on a walking trip, and their parents Tita Crys and Tito Jun, who were my very cool and fun companions from LA to SanFo and back. Right now to talk about that selling. Read more of this post