Talks this Week!

Right so, I will be at the First Filipino Reader Conference on September 14 talking about the implications of social media and book clubs on reading, authors, and publishing. Whew, that was a mouthful eh? I feel very honored to kick off the proceedings with the Keynote speech and I do hope that what I say makes a substantial contribution to discourse and helps to build bridges between “literary” writers and readers (but as I mention in my speech, we’re all readers). I’ll post the full text here later this week, but if you really want to read it now, you can read it in The Pop Criticultural Infindibulator, which will be available now and for as long as I can maintain that Scribd account. The ReaderCon will be held at the Manila International Book Festival on SMX. Please drop by because it’ll only cost you P50 to attend (and eat!).







Then on Friday September 16 I’ve been invited by Ateneo Heights, as part of the Heights Creative Talk Series, to discuss Creative Nonfiction, with the daunting claim that CNF is the future of literature (and which I will attempt to subvert and say that it is also literature’s past haha. whatever, because I’m subversive like that; but really I haven’t written my talk for that yet, but I have to fill up an hour and they’ve sent me some questions, so after this post I will start writing that).

And if you’re interested in picking up a copy of Geek Tragedies, these will be available at both events.

4 Responses to Talks this Week!

  1. At keynote speaker ka?! Owmigas, papansinin mo pa ba kami? 😀 ‘Twas great seeing you carljoe! Enjoy sa talks. (At sobrang naku-coolan pa rin ako sa title ng bago mong obra. Vonnegut believers reprezent.)

  2. Carl Javier says:

    re: Jason Mraz concert, not sure e. we haven’t talked about it, but i’m not a fan. and i’ll be wiped out, no cash after the trop 😦

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