The Pop Criticultural Infindibulator

I’m giving away my new book, a collection of essays on pop culture, The Pop Criticultural Infindibulator as part of my big three-oh birthday celebrations. You can get it in PDF and word through scribd here and in PDF or epub through Dropbox here or here.

I’m releasing this to celebrate my turning 30. I’ve been freaking out about turning 30, so this is my reaction. I want to see what happens when you give your book away.

If you like this book, please pass it to a friend, and if you really like it, then maybe buy a copy of my other books. If you teach, you’re free to use these essays in your class, and if you’re so inclined, you can invite me and I would be totally willing to talk in your classes. If you’re writing a paper, please feel free to use it, cite it, etc. Please feel free to share it as you will and thanks for reading and promoting Philippine literature.


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