Geek Tragedies, in stores, online, and on the road!

Hey all! I know a new entry has been long overdue, but a month of hibernation (spent on the sustenance of PS3 gaming) and the re-entry and adjustment to a new job have generally had my brain too pre-occupied. In the meantime though, I’ve written up an essay on films and piracy that might come out in the .mov journal to be released next month.

And as for the Geek Tragedies news, it’s being delivered to various branches around the country. It’s now also available through through this link.  I’ll also be heading up to Baguio with Kash and my sister for a weekend trip that will be capped off with me doing an author talk at Mt. Cloud on the 21st.

At present I’ve also got my headspace committed to planning and preparations for the launch of the UP Press’s first line of digital titles, which will be on September 7. Very excited to see the UP Press going into this kind of publishing, and I’m happy and proud to be a part of this movement. Lots of things are happening and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

Then again it does get in the way of my blogging. But as things normalize, you’ll hear a little but more from me.


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