The Turning 30 Post

I haven’t written in the blog awhile. Got depressed for a month (will talk a bit more about that later in the post), spent the majority of a month offline but on the PS3, and in the last month I’ve been trying to regain my footing in life while establishing my footing in two new jobs (at the UP Press and teaching in the UPOU). It’s an exciting, scary time for me. I had envisioned something entirely different for myself when I was a kid, but from where I stand now, things are looking alright, and I think it’s time for me to take stock of things, and also to thank people, thank lots and lots of people, who have helped me. I always feel how important the people in my life have been, but for reasons of social ineptitude, awkwardness, inability to express myself emotionally to people, and well, the risk of looking corny, I usually fail to express it. But I’ll be using this entry to show my gratitude, and to take stock of things. And I’ll probably forget some people and have to revise this over and over. Here we go. Read more of this post

Reading in the Philippines (Filipino Reader Conference)

Joining in on the Reader Con discussion question. For this week it’s How hard or easy is it to be a book lover in the Philippines? What are some of your frustrations as a Filipino reader? And what are the positive aspects of being a reader in the Philippines?

Ok so for the pros, I think that we do have a relatively good selection of bestsellers and pop titles. In recent years, with the coming of Powerbooks and Fully Booked, we’ve gotten access to a lot more titles than were around when I was, say, an undergrad. The influx of comics in collected formats is also an encouraging thing.

Bummer things: First off, the old haunts where I used to get second-hand books are disappearing. And if you were ever a fan of the manongs along AS walk who used to sell really good second hand books, well it seems they’ve moved on. Getting books for ten or twenty bucks is a rare thing these days too.

The biggest book chains generally have inept sales people who will tell you a book isn’t there because they are too lazy to look for it.

Reading isn’t exactly the coolest thing. It gives you outsider status which sometimes isn’t the best thing (though good at other times).

Like all of us, I wish that there were more books available to us, and for cheaper. I think that local editions of certain books might help facilitate this, but I’m not sure how this would happen or who should go about doing it.

I wish generally that books could be more affordable to people,  but being in the publishing industry, I know the practical limitations of this wish.

I wish more people read, and more people found it a worthwhile investment to put their time and energy into reading.

And I think it really sucks that Amazon jacks up the costs of books by two dollars. This is bad. But it isn’t as bad as being frozen out from the store, which is what Apple does. Hey guys come on, we’re a lot of us here book lovers. And we buy books show us some love too.

Geek Tragedies, in stores, online, and on the road!

Hey all! I know a new entry has been long overdue, but a month of hibernation (spent on the sustenance of PS3 gaming) and the re-entry and adjustment to a new job have generally had my brain too pre-occupied. In the meantime though, I’ve written up an essay on films and piracy that might come out in the .mov journal to be released next month.

And as for the Geek Tragedies news, it’s being delivered to various branches around the country. It’s now also available through through this link.  I’ll also be heading up to Baguio with Kash and my sister for a weekend trip that will be capped off with me doing an author talk at Mt. Cloud on the 21st.

At present I’ve also got my headspace committed to planning and preparations for the launch of the UP Press’s first line of digital titles, which will be on September 7. Very excited to see the UP Press going into this kind of publishing, and I’m happy and proud to be a part of this movement. Lots of things are happening and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

Then again it does get in the way of my blogging. But as things normalize, you’ll hear a little but more from me.