Geek Tragedies now in Print and Digital!

Today’s the launch of Geek Tragedies (you can click here for details) and according to Flipside head honcho Anthony de Luna I am indeed the first Filipino author to do simultaneous print and digital releases. I don’t believe that the two have to compete, and I believe that they have distinctly different markets. So publishers who penalize e-book readers by delaying releases have it wrong, I think. And this wonderful collaboration between author and publishers (UP Press and Flipside) will bode well for readers the world over. I hope that this launch and the way I’m doing it will serve as a spearhead to getting more of our books out there in the world, into the hands of more readers. Thanks too to Jenny Ortuoste for the lengthy mention in her column in the Manila Standard Today, and her general support of various modes of publishing for the sake of readers. Also, following the merchandising push of The Kobayashi Maru of Love, we’re coming out with shirts!

Some fun stuff too. I’ve had a great experience thus far with Flipside Digital Content as publisher and they’re doing an awesome job of promoting the book, doing online giveaways, and other things that I think are a great help to getting the book out and generating attention. Some fun screen grabs now. I took these a couple of days ago and have been meaning to post them, but got busy. First, here’s the stats:

And possibly even cooler, here’s a screen grab from my author’s page tracking Geek Tragedies pre-ordering activity:

I can only hope that this continues, and we start generating more attention from readers local and abroad. I’m working with UP Press to open up distribution avenues and I’m hoping that it will be easy for Filipino readers to get the print edition.

But after all is said and done with sale and promotion, and I’ve done all I can to push it, the thought I am left with is that this is a book that I am proud of. Among the four books that I’ve written so far (the fourth still in the publishing pipeline) this is the book that I worked on the longest. It collects a range of stories, from traditional to experimental. And I hope that people can read this book and enjoy it. I’ve heard it too often that Filipino fiction writers don’t write for readers, and I hope that this book helps to dispel that notion. I hope it’s an accessible book that people can have fun with.

I’m grateful, as always, to people who have helped bring this book about, teachers, friends, critics, publishers, family, everybody. Thanks and I hope that this book makes you all proud too. Please pass the word around. 

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