And now in digital formats!!!

the digital cover for And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

Just uploaded to the Amazon and Apple servers and should be available for download in a few hours is the digital version of my first book And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth!

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth was originally published by Milflores Publishing and I’ll be forever grateful to the late, great Tony Hidalgo, rest his soul, for trusting me and my writing enough, and believing in it enough to print me. If there’s anything that can boost a young aspiring writer’s confidence, it’s a publisher showing faith in him, and Sir Tony did that for me. Another Tony, Anthony de Luna, is showing faith in me now, with his Flipside publishing the digital version of this.

As ever I thank the people who helped me with this book. Chingbee Cruz for the intro. Ma’am Jing for the encouragement (some of the essays were written in her classes). Constant collaborator Adam David helped out with a lot of encouragement and criticism. Classmates for their input. And the art! The cover here is based on a sculpture that my co-teacher and good friend Uly Veloso made of me. Included too is art from former student Justine Serrano whose funky drawings add a very cool feel to the book.

Also included in the iBookstore version are songs from Los Chupacabraz, because I wrote about playing in the band. I’m hoping that this helps get frontman Easy Fagela’s music to a broader audience, because his songs deserve it.

I’m always excited to have something new out. And though there aren’t really any big updates here, I’m just really proud to have a digital version of my first book. As I’ve written about and discussed extensively, I have much love for e-books and I hope that these help us to access a new and larger audience. Thanks to everybody, my mom, my sister and brother, titas and grandma who support my writing career with regular cash infusions, and of course Kash for her support and putting up with my quirks (if you’re dating some writers you have to put up with their brooding moods, with me you’re putting up with time spent with the Xbox, plus the brooding moods). And of course to the friends and readers who have shown me support through all my attempts at writing. Thanks guys, and thanks in advance for helping spread the word. And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth in digital, and Geek Tragedies soon in print and digital!


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