UP Press Launch July 1! featuring, among other books, Geek Tragedies!

Hello Friends! Hope to see you on Friday for the UP Press Launch, where they will be launching 9 new titles, including Geek Tragedies. It’s 5pm at the GT Toyota Hall of Wisdom, Magsaysay cor. Katipunan, Asian Center, UP Diliman. Friday’s launch also coincides with the book’s digital launch published by Flipside, so it’ll be available in Amazon for DL. (Question: Am I the first local writer to do simultaneous digital and print launches? It’d be pretty cool if I were) I’m very excited for the launch, not only because I’m excited for my own book but also because I am in some pretty rarefied company. To see the complete list of books please check out the UP Press site.

And yesterday I got a mention in Prof. Butch Dalisay’s column in the Philippine Star. Thanks Sir Butch for taking the time to mention me and help promote my books. And thanks to everyone else who has bought, downloaded, or reserved copies. Please do rate them and post reviews on Amazon, goodreads, and wherever else you’re posting stuff. Thanks again and hope to see you all.

Geek Tragedies Sampler Available for Free Download!

As I try and build up to the launch of Geek Tragedies on July 1, I want to give people  a chance to see some of it, read some of it. Included in this sampler are the Intro by Adam David, some art by Adam and Josel, the short story Everybody Gets Off at Cubao, and a six word story. Please check it out, pass it around, tell your friends. If you like it, you can get it in print from the UP Press and in digital formats by Flipside on Amazon and soon the iBookstore. Spread the word, true believers! Check the link to my Scribd feed for other stuff too!

Geek Tragedies Available on Amazon!

Geek Tragedies by Carljoe Javier

Geek Tragedies will be officially launched on July 1! The launch of the print version will be held at the UP Press MegaLaunch at 5pm in the GT-Toyota Hall of Wisdom at the Asian Center. But if you want a digital version (care of Flipside Digital), you can pre-order it from Amazon! The full version will download to your Kindle or other reading device July 1, but you can start reading the book now. If you download it, please also rate it on Amazon to help other readers find the book. iPad version’s to follow.

I’m very excited about Geek Tragedies, as I think it’s a really fun book with a good variety of stories. It’s also the first Filipino book, as far as I know, that will have simultaneous print and digital launches. Please check it out in whatever format you like, and pass the word around, repost, etc etc. thanks everybody for helping out.

And now in digital formats!!!

the digital cover for And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

Just uploaded to the Amazon and Apple servers and should be available for download in a few hours is the digital version of my first book And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth! Read more of this post

In the Final Stages of Production with UP Press!!!

Geek Tragedies by Carljoe Javier

My first short story collection, Geek Tragedies, is coming out soon. It’ll be published by UP Press. With amazing art and design from Josel Nicolas and Adam David. Here’s the cover. A lot of the other art in the book also homages classic marvel covers.