Telcos Angst

Been frustrated with my ultra-wonky sun broadband connection. it’ll connect then drop to 0, and seriously sun cellular, i’ve done my part as a consumer, paying my bill, you should deliver or give me a discount or something when you can’t deliver. You charge for a month of unlimited service and then you don’t give it, and it’s this terribly low and measly bandwidth, nowhere near your published rates (which of course have those little disclaimers about inconsistent service so that I can’t legally sue you for not delivering). Think about it, it’s like buying a pizza and the resto giving you a pizza with two slices missing because other people were ordering pizza too and they only have limited supply. anyways, here’s the letter I sent to the company, in the hopes that they would address the concern. Friends who used to use Sun’s broadband told me I should just quit, like they did, and get another provider, but I’m going to ride out this month I paid for and see if things improve:

Your internet for my broadband stick has been performing terribly today. i haven’t been able to do work or to work efficiently due to this inconsistent service. as a person who relies on the internet for his work, I found your service at present not much of a service but more a hindrance to productivity as i have to disconnect and reconnect over and over, breaking my work flow. If service does not improve in the next few days I am terminating my account, since I’ve already put up with this bad service for the requisite three month period. I do hope that your company can do the smart thing, do good business, and improve your services so that you provide the customers with the service that they are paying for. If you ask customers for money, promise them a service, and don’t provide it, what differentiates you from a scam? fine fine, you put in your ads UP TO XXXXXX mbps. but then you provide nowhere near that, and you block off certain things. it’s just not honest. it’s not lying, but it’s not honest either. I hope that things can change, that my concern will be addressed, that I get a reply, and that your service becomes the best that you can possibly deliver, that you aim for and provide customer satisfaction. I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you


3 Responses to Telcos Angst

  1. Aldrin says:

    My SBW modem’s been acting in the same annoying way for the last couple of weeks. Sad thing is I’m under contract with the service, with more than six months left. Ugh.

    • Carl Javier says:

      man i was thinking of getting locked in to get a free pocket wifi modem, but crap with service like this i’m happy my three month minimum period has passed. just helps us feel how helpless we are as consumers

  2. Globe went haywire the other day, both internet and mobile phone coverage, lasted for like half a day. This morning I received a “thank you for staying with Globe message, you get free texts and calls just text keyword to 8888”. I did. And they replied “service unavailable”. And I used to have a lot of respect to their service. 😐

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