Am I a traitor to my nation (culturally)?

To which the simple answer is: YES. This simple answer coming of course from certain frameworks quick to brand people nationalistic or not. But I feel that asking this question is important, and it brings up a number of very interesting issues.  Read more of this post

At the Gawad Urian

I fondly remember the first time I attended the Gawad Urian awards nights. This was when I was a freshman covering the lifestyle/entertainment beat. My editor sent me to write about the winners, give my thoughts, the angle being that I was somebody young who knew nothing of these awards. That night I wondered if I would one day be honored with an invitation to attend.

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The Hundreds! 100 word love stories Deadline Extended!

There’s always room for a little more love in the world. In the last few months we’ve been collecting stories of a hundred words, or stories told in strokes, pixels, panels, and any other way you can express this four-letter phenomenon on the printed page. We’re giving love to people who just heard about this project or who are still finishing their submissions. Send us back that love in story form.

Submit works as RTFs or JPGs both in Filipino or in English to, subject heading “I LOVE YOU” on or before June 15, 2011 –for Love.

Telcos Angst

Been frustrated with my ultra-wonky sun broadband connection. it’ll connect then drop to 0, and seriously sun cellular, i’ve done my part as a consumer, paying my bill, you should deliver or give me a discount or something when you can’t deliver. You charge for a month of unlimited service and then you don’t give it, and it’s this terribly low and measly bandwidth, nowhere near your published rates (which of course have those little disclaimers about inconsistent service so that I can’t legally sue you for not delivering). Think about it, it’s like buying a pizza and the resto giving you a pizza with two slices missing because other people were ordering pizza too and they only have limited supply. anyways, here’s the letter I sent to the company, in the hopes that they would address the concern. Friends who used to use Sun’s broadband told me I should just quit, like they did, and get another provider, but I’m going to ride out this month I paid for and see if things improve:

Your internet for my broadband stick has been performing terribly today. i haven’t been able to do work or to work efficiently due to this inconsistent service. as a person who relies on the internet for his work, I found your service at present not much of a service but more a hindrance to productivity as i have to disconnect and reconnect over and over, breaking my work flow. If service does not improve in the next few days I am terminating my account, since I’ve already put up with this bad service for the requisite three month period. I do hope that your company can do the smart thing, do good business, and improve your services so that you provide the customers with the service that they are paying for. If you ask customers for money, promise them a service, and don’t provide it, what differentiates you from a scam? fine fine, you put in your ads UP TO XXXXXX mbps. but then you provide nowhere near that, and you block off certain things. it’s just not honest. it’s not lying, but it’s not honest either. I hope that things can change, that my concern will be addressed, that I get a reply, and that your service becomes the best that you can possibly deliver, that you aim for and provide customer satisfaction. I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you

The Hundreds! Call for Submissions: 100 Word Love Stories

All our hundred years of art and lit are merely degrees of elaborations on declarations of Love.

What more is there to say? This is a call for Love. This is a call for a hundred more, of

a hundred strokes and a hundred words, from a hundred people for a hundred more.

This is a call – send works of a hundred words or whole-page strips or one-panel gags on

that perpetually pervasive pandemic, either as RTFs or JPGs both in Filipino or in English

to, subject heading “I LOVE YOU” on or before May 10 2011 –

for Love.

Those hundred words above are by my partner in crime Adam David. We’re hoping people submit, because we think this is a really cool project and we think everyone’s got at least a hundred words to say about love.

Lost in the Magic Kingdom

When you’re young I think that Disney media plays a big part in cultural development. It’s really a go-to, though the company went through a lull in content which has thankfully recovered with recent offerings like Tangled, the brand maintains strong and recognizable. And as a kid, one can’t help but be enchanted with the idea of going to Disneyland, of riding the rides (Matterhorn! Pirates of the Caribbean! Even that Pinocchio ride that freaked me out! and that Star Wars ride that used the footage from Episode IV! revealing my age here, but it’s all good), watching the shows, and all kinds of other things that Disneyland has to offer. Read more of this post

Motivating People

I know that this new concern with motivations is sort of unusual and has the possibility of sounding a bit cheesy. But it is starting to become a big thing in my mind. Now working within in office setting (though I do spend a lot of time out) I am becoming more aware of how important it is to have good morale and trying to find out ways to develop that.  Read more of this post