Launching Lourd de Veyra’s Insectissimo

Hey all, Lourd will be launching his book on May 7 at Cubao X. Hope you guys can drop by, hang out, and pick up a copy of his book. If you’d like to see a sample of the work, please check out UST Publishing House’s feed on And look forward to his novel Superpanalo Sounds! coming soon too

Doing Holy Week Solo

There’s a church nearby, just a couple blocks off from the apartment and I can still hear its bells. When I was younger we used to live just a few doors away from the church. On that street there were supposedly a lot of kids who died, hit by cars rushing to and from the church. And on that same street I’d have to walk by wakes regularly because it was that side of the church where those were held.

Our church gets pretty popular this time of year. Bisita Iglesia (did I spell that right?) and other rituals drive people to it. I remember as a high schooler (still devout then) joining the processions every year.  Read more of this post