127 Hours

Let’s get the preliminary concerns out of the way. 127 Hours is not for the squeamish, the faint of heart, or for those who can’t stand James Franco for extended periods of time. Franco, in all his Franco-ness, carries this film onscreen. The rest of the heavy lifting come from the minimalist and thankfully restrained script and the masterful directing. Simon Beaufoy and Danny Boyle, who co-wrote the script for this, were also the creative team behind Slumdog Millionaire. And with Boyle’s steady hand directing 127 Hours the film becomes not merely the story of a man stuck between a rock and a hard place (as the source material indicates) or a massive gross-out sequence, but a film that is memorable and at its best life-affirming and a celebration of the human spirit. Read more of this post

The Kobayashi Maru of Love in Davao This Week!

Hey friends! I’ll be in Davao attending the Taboan Literary Festival (open to everyone, if you just wanna watch it’s free! follow the link if you’re interested). I’m giving a slew of talks on the second day and I’ll also be hawking copies of The Kobayashi Maru of Love and Adam David’s Crows and Rages. Come watch, and if you are so inclined, get copies of our books or tell friends who might be interested.

Retro Reviews: Universal Soldier

One of the original intentions of Retro Reviews was to get a chance to return to and reassess movies that I had seen previously. It was the opportunity to apply a more learned (at least I hope) eye to things. In that sense, it’s a project that plays with memory and nostalgia, bringing me back to films that I had seen in my youth, uneducated, raw, and nearly devoid of aesthetics, except for those instincts and the immediate impact of what I knew. So here we are with Universal Soldier.

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The Sniffles on Pakinggan Pilipinas

Hey all,

my story “The Sniffles” was chosen to be read on Pakinggan Pilipinas. Please check it out. You can stream it on the site or download the audio file. Go to the site here.

Kindle vs CDR King Review

Since I picked up both a Kindle 3 and a CDR King e-book reader over the break, I reviewed them in a heads up battle for gmanews.tv. Please click here to check out the review.

Thinking about Cabs and Apps

I wrote an essay about how I think phone apps could make taking cabs better for propinoy.net. Pleas click here to go to the main article. And please visit propinoy.net. I’ll be writing a regular column for them soon.