Christmas Party Dress-Up

As I type this I am wearing my Green Lantern Power Ring and getting used to having the clunky plastic thing on my hand. It’d be easier not to wear it, but hey, it’s not every day that I get to wear a Power Ring and not be thought of as exceedingly weird (now only marginally).

Being new to the office, I feel the need to make an effort to get along with people. Unlike previous places where I’ve worked, this bunch at the publishing house was immediately easy to get along with. I like my bosses. It’s a pretty good environment. And most importantly, I do get to do work that interests and excites me (if frustrates too at times). And so, after months locked in the house, more than a year just working freelance and generally avoiding work and office situations, I want to do my part and fit in and not make people uncomfortable or anything like that.

I’m in an unusual position, still relatively young to be occupying the managerial post that I am. The people higher up in the organizational hierarchy are, well, much older than me. And then the staff that’s younger is still a good five to seven years younger than me at least. So I’m in this weird middle position, getting along with everybody but really working in a place where there is no one my age.

So when I was told of the Christmas Party, inside I kind of sighed and gave one of those disappointed Chewbacca growls that kind of sound like purrs. Never been big on office festivities, but I had to commit to this. We were asked for our code names, and these code names had to be fictional characters. And we would have to dress up as our code name characters. I chose wisely, I think, since I’ve got the GL shirt and the power rings.

I put on the shirt, put the Power Ring into my pocket, and trooped off to work this morning. As I approached the entrance to our office I pulled the ring out of my pocket and slipped it on. I strode into the office expecting to be welcomed by officemates in their own costumes.

And the office looked as it normally did. No costumes. The usual everyday attire. Except of course for me in my Power Ring (admittedly, I do wear clothes with superhero stuff on em, so it wasn’t really that much of a stretch).

I asked around and apparently the whole costume thing fizzled out. But since I’m on the other side of the office physically, as well as on the other side of the organizational chart conceptually, I was not informed properly.

It’s okay I guess. The party will be in a few hours, and I am enjoying the Power Ring. Earlier I was imagining using it to manhandle a SWOT analysis for next year’s marketing plan. Buti pa Green Lanterns, ang values ng SWOT analysis nila hindi sales figures kundi superpowers and enemies wearing yellow.


One Response to Christmas Party Dress-Up

  1. nyel says:

    Hey Carl, I miss you! Let’s have coffee soon and catch up. 🙂

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