Initial Thesis Output

It’s been a busy couple of months since my last update. Gave talks at a conference, did a book signing, and have been doing non-stop promoting of The Kobayashi Maru of Love and other Y&BB titles (while also planning for next year’s stuff), quit my job with the POC, went to Boracay on assignment, did all kinds of other stuff, and played through a whole NBA Season in NBA 2K11 (after a heart-pounding semifinals round against the incredibly powerful Miami Heat, I’ve managed to squeeze past and get into the Eastern Conference finals). And now I’ve finally started writing the introductory essay to my thesis. Here’s the quickie intro for it (comments are more than welcome, and would be greatly appreciated):

I have a tendency not to follow good advice. It doesn’t matter what advice that is, whether it be career, academic, relationship, or life in general, I will probably listen to what is told me, and then fail to do it. This has resulted in a number of failed relationships, entering the MA program much sooner than I should have (and as a result staying in the MA program much longer than I should have), a ramshackle career path (which to many would constitute no career path at all), and a future of liver and kidney problems. On the bright side, it has also led to a wealth of writing material, the co-founding of the renegade publishing outfit The Youth and Beauty Brigade, and an exposure to many aspects of the writing life which few writers bother to explore. Read more of this post